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What I'm Hoping To Achieve. - Ladidas

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What I'm Hoping To Achieve. - Ladidas

Post by Ladidas » Mon Apr 15, 2019 8:32 am

Hello, thought I'd share some of my goals while I'm here, it'll keep me motivated & remind me what I'm aiming for when I look at this post, anyways..

One of my Goals/Achivements would be to do a successful Raid.. I've never been through one before. 99 Slayer's a must & I'm hoping to start Herblore soon, I intend to do a lot more Barrows runs since I'm not having much luck with gathering what I need. I'm in need of a Fury & Firecape so I'll be going to fight caves reaaal soon.. Once I'm ready for GWD I'll go there & try my luck with the different bosses.. Other then that I've got no idea really, this is my first time making & Iron Man and I'm actually enjoying it, I'll be around for a while as long as the server stays online & active..

Here's my current gear & stats

Image Image

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