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A Drunk Mfkr
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[*]Application for staff or player moderator.[*]

    A Drunk Mfkr(main)
      A Drunk Iron(ironman)
        The Milk Man(extreme status)

        ***Donor Status***

          Days unrestricted(available) Sunday, Monday, Tuesday.
            I work Wednesday through Saturday 4pm-2am.
              Other than the listed time I can be found in game or via Discord FB or Cell.
                I don't sleep often or much so inbox me.
                  Never more than a msg away


                  I'm 28, I'm a leo, and my name is timmy. Most know me by my Alter ego, A Drunk Mfkr, I like to have fun and feel a genuine sense of accomplishment with most things I do. I use to run my own runescape private server, unfortunately we ran into some legal troubles and had to end that journey. I have invested my own time, money and energy to strive for a better place for contentment and entertainment,. I am an easy going helpful guy who looks out for those in need. I also like to hang out and have a good with some chill company, I am a home body cause u can't bring a PC and set it up at the bar and just get drunk with friends while having a good time. I am playful and easy to get along with but I respect authority and know where to draw the line. So if your willing let me be a part of the team and I'll show you how we can go about being that server thats gunna lead us to the future.

                  [*][*]reason for application [*][*]

                  I'm at a cross roads in my private server saga, where I am confident in my ability to become more than a user name and lend my time, money and resources to help anarchy become a better gaming experience and a suitable bis pick for all runescape private server needs. I am honest, kind, trustworthy, dependable and mostly drunk.[THE GOOD KIND]. I respect authority and enforce the rules even if this may negatively affect myself. I have helped out many ways by being a member of the community in game with a voice. I also have helped find and direct issues towards the appropriate members and if they need attention from higher up staff members. Help notify such members of bugs, things that could be hotfixed and for when the toxicity reaches a unstable amount let the proper individuals know. Collect data for analysis and take proper action towards fixing the situation.

                  I am currently looking to put my expertise to good use and make a thriving and stable community of fellow runescape lovers. Nobody likes a know it all but I have forgotten more about runescape than most adventurers would learn. I have been playing runescape and private servers since classic. As a previous owner of a runescape private server I know what it takes to accomplish great things and have a wonderful community, in all aspects. I would be honored to help pave the way towards totally anarachy, but seriously, I would like to take anarchy to the next level and see where the path may lead us.

                  Since the moment I started I seen multiple ways to improve the server for all kinds of gameplay and I know there's no I in team but there is a me, meaning I'm willing to pull the weight of others when they cannot due to whatever circumstance, I am a team player and I know we are only as strong as our weakest link, together we can be much more than just a private server on a list, hopefully we can be that one that every one clicks on, the one that every one whispers about when they find themself at.

                  I have left a former server where I have spent hundreds of dollars on and endless days of in game time played. To join this community because I see something here most people can't or don't wanna acknowledge. Opportunity, I've seen people leave because they spend too much time, as I understand that we should have fun but more importantly we should be happy at the same time, it's okay to take a break, smoke a cigarette, pour a shot, take your lover(s) out for fancy dinners, just make sure your content, that contentment for me is playing ANARCHY. And to be a part of the team that made that possible for me would be a huge commitment and a goal accomplished and something that I would like to pass along to the next Scaper, who scrolls pass, says wait this looks good then becomes a part of something greater in the process. Any one say anarchy army, mwuahahah.

                  [*]Thanks for your time and please feel free to message when needed whatever your needs are.[*]

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