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January voting competition - win a Twisted bow

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January voting competition - win a Twisted bow

Post by Lawless » Tue Dec 29, 2020 8:10 pm

Just like previous months, we are organising a voting competition, where the players who get the most votes in January will win awesome prizes! Many thanks to Just range, who donated two twisted bows and Disappoint who donated three zenyte items. The rewards are as follows:
  1. Twisted bow
  2. 3 mystery boxes
  3. 2 mystery boxes + tormented bracelet
  4. 1 mystery box + necklace of anguish
  5. Amulet of torture
On top of these top five ranks, we will also be handing out a twisted bow to a random player, chosen from everyone who has voted at least once in January. Your chances to get a twisted bow increases as you have more votes.

Note that the #1, who already receives a twisted bow, will not be eligible to receive a second twisted bow. Also, if there is an indication that a player is voting on more than one account, they will only receive a reward on one account.

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