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Policy changes in Anarchy

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Policy changes in Anarchy

Post by Lawless » Mon Oct 07, 2019 5:27 pm

Repeated toxic behavior

As of now, players that repeatedly display toxic behavior (such as flaming, trolling or IRL threats) on a regular basis will now be taken action against. Over the course of the past weeks, we have received an increasing amount of complaints about players that are ruining the game experience of others through flaming, baiting, trolling, IRL threats etc., even causing some players to quit.

Flaming once or twice will generally not result in a punishment, but players that keep doing so will receive a warning from us or our helpers. If they ignore said warning, they will be issued a 24-hour ipmute. Flaming again after the temporary ipmute has expired will result in a 7 day ipmute. Flaming once again after that period will result in a permanent ipmute.

If you have been issued an ipmute that you feel was inappropriate, please post a topic in our Punishment appeals forum.

Donator rank transfers

As of now, we will no longer transfer donator ranks between players. The truth is, we receive just enough donations as it is to pay for the server upkeep, let alone enough to pay for programmers or the advertisement we need to make the server grow. With the increasing amount of players that buy their donator ranks from others - rather than donating for it - we receive fewer donations, making it harder to invest in marketing and the expansion of the server.

We are still willing to transfer donator ranks between accounts that belong to the same player as long as they donated for it, but not between different players. If you wish to transfer your donator rank to another account of yours, please send a Discord PM to Pikachu.

Obviously, you can still purchase donator scrolls from others that they have bought in the donator store.

I hope the community understands that we need these policy changes in order to keep the game fun and enjoyable for everyone while allowing us to keep paying for its upkeep as well as gather some money for much needed advertisement.

If you have any thoughts or feedback on these changes, please let us know by making a post on our forums.