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Alchemical Hydra, raids, donator bonuses, Christmas discount

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Alchemical Hydra, raids, donator bonuses, Christmas discount

Post by Lawless » Fri Dec 20, 2019 11:37 am

A picture speaks louder than a thousand words:


The Alchemical Hydra can be found at the north-east end of the Karuulm slayer dungeon. It can only be killed while on a Hydra slayer task, but players are also allowed to kill it one time per 24 hours without slayer task. Donators get 2 free kills per 24h, super donators 4, extreme donators 8, legendary donators 16, uber donators 32 and immortal donators are allowed an infinite amount of Alchemical Hydra kills without requiring a Hydra slayer task. If you die, you can reclaim your items for 100K coins at Orrvor quo Maten.

The spoils:
  • Hydra leather, which can be crafted into Ferocious gloves at the machinery near the rune and adamant dragons (no hammer needed).
  • Hydra's claw, which can be combined with a Zamorakian spear to create the Dragon hunter lance, a weapon offering 20% bonus damage and accuracy against draconic creatures.
  • Alchemical hydra heads to recolour your slayer helmet or to be sold to the slayer store for 25 slayer points.
  • Ikkle hydra pet, which you can morph into four different colours.
  • All other Hydra drops (Hydra bones, Hydra's tail, eye, fang and heart).
There is also a Christmas sale in our donator store, 20% discount on all donator store items, starting on 22 December and ending on 2 January (please check the timer on our website homepage).

We have decided to increase the droprates for both Raids I and Raids II. There is now a 1% chance at getting a unique drop for every 2,000 raid points instead of 3,000 raid points. This chance caps at 10% (20,000 raid points).

Donators also get higher raid point bonuses:
  • Donator: +20% points (from +10%)
  • Super donator: +40% points (from +30%)
  • Extreme donator: +60% points (from +50%)
  • Legendary donator: +80% points (from +70%)
  • Uber donator: +120% points (from +90%)
  • Immortal donator: +200% points (from +110%)
We have also buffed some uber donator benefits:
  • 50% bonus XP (from 40%)
  • 25% bonus NPC droprates (from 20%)
  • 50% bonus pet droprates (from 40%)
  • 70% bonus vote points (from 40%)
  • 15 bonus PC points per game (from 10)
  • 6 crystal chest rolls (from 4)
  • 30% bonus slayer points (from 20%)
Along with several immortal donator benefits:
  • When you die outside PvP, you will now keep all your items.
  • 80% bonus XP (from 50%)
  • 40% bonus NPC droprates (from 25%)
  • 80% bonus pet droprates (from 50%)
  • 120% bonus vote points (from 60%)
  • 25 bonus PC points per game (from 15)
  • 100% chance to burn/smelt/cook with an infernal (pick)axe or harpoon (from 90%)
  • 8 crystal chest rolls (from 5)
  • 50% bonus slayer points (from 30%)
  • 10 slayer points to remove a task (from 15)
A couple of other improvements:
  • Players can now check their current slayer task through the slayer helmet's 'Check' option and the kill tracker through 'Log'.
  • Kalphite Princess, Vet'ion Jr. and Pet snakeling can now properly morph through their metamorphosis option.
  • You can now complete the elite wilderness task of teleporting to Ghorrock by teleporting to the Frozen Waste Plateau (the description has been changed to avoid confusion).
  • You can now properly buy a bearhead from the melee shop.
  • A couple of items that had a listed value of 0 coins are now valued at 1 coin.
  • A bug has been fixed where some hats and masks were visually broken.

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