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Drunks offical suggestion guide.*important community involvement.*

Post your suggestions here. Please include polls so we know how many people support your suggestion!
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Should we implement cosmetic storage and npc feature.

Clue scroll rework.
Cosmetic item storage.
Skilling item storage.
Additional shops for skilling.
Additional shops for clue scroll.
Additional shops for skilling items/outfits.
Donor bosses that drop donor points at a set rate, with daily kill counts.
Add the well, able to donate for, xp, buff to pc and raid points, drop rate.
Pathing rework.
Imbued mage capes.
Drunk for president.
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A Drunk Mfkr
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Drunks offical suggestion guide.*important community involvement.*

Post by A Drunk Mfkr » Fri Jan 10, 2020 10:40 pm

Hello anarchy, your neighbor drunk milk man here today to bring you some exciting stuff.
As a staff member i have traveled long and hard to be here today with you, made a lot of friends in my travels and we have arrived at a cross roads in which we need your help to become something amazing please lend me a few moments of your time friends please take a look at the attached suggestions and together we can become a better rsps experience and have a wonderful place to call home. Below you'll find some much needed suggestions to improve our quality of life on the server please leave feedback if you agree or disagree with the following also feel free to add comments modifications or remarks below.

With out further hesitation let us begin.

1. Add a cosmetic vendor that stores cosmetic items.
-ways to go around this.
    A. Add diango to hold holiday items and add the ability to store cosmetic items from hourly rewards.
      B. Add chest to store cosmetic items from said hourly rewards like the chest in player owned houses to compete a set, or have something to work towards.
        C.Add a npc that will hold all cosmetic items for a fee, or is given the option to hold them instead of banking them would clear so much space from bank and save people from making alternate accounts to hold cosmetic items. You could even have to pay a small fee to retrieve items from said npc.

        D. Allow the general exchange to box or set all complete armour sets. As it does with cannon and barrows. I.e needing packing, infinty sets, dragon hide sets, skeletal sets, rockshell, party hat packs, halloween mask sets, can also do complete hourly rewards sets. Can add this to achievemnts for alot of content to be discovered and accomplished. As in make a certain amount of full sets giving these useless cosmetic items more purpose.

        E. Increase the amount of the price of cosmetic items to be sold to shop. Making hourly boxes more valuable and worth getting.

        F. Add more items to fancy shop so we can sell obtained items for there posted value. I.e you can add these to kited or boxed sets in there so would free up space.

        2. Add clue scroll completion rewards. And collection log.

        A. Add a npc to set collection mode for all clue scroll rewards. Or sent to clue scroll box/ chest where you can see all received clue scroll items and ability to withdraw them or store them there as well.

        B.rework clue scrolls to give better drops. No one wants to do 100 masters getting rewards from hourly boxes and runes 98% of the time.

        C. Make a npc that only buys clue scroll rewards for tickets that can be used to exchange for clue scroll rewards or specific items items only availble to selling clue scroll items to. Like a armor set or cosmetic items of high value requiring lot of items sold to obtain pieces to complete set.
          C.2. Add this collection log accomplishment to achievment so clue scrolls actually are fun to collect and and worth the value they hold.
            C.3. Add clue scroll reroll for said tickets so we can sell duplicate items for tickets to have a increased chance to reroll or increase the chance of upgrading clue scrol entirly at a low or rare exchange rate.
              C.4. Abilty to mass open or exchange clue scrolls. As in open x amount.
                C.5. Have a clue bag that stores items and cluescrolls from clue scroll completion reward or shop that will sell for said amount of clue scroll tickets.

                3. SKILLING

                1. adjust rate of obtaining skilling outfits.
                  A.Buff the abilities of skilling outfits.
                    B.Add teleport option to helmet of the skilling outfit to teleport to different place regarding that skill.
                      C. Add a completion reward for wearing full skilling set.
                        D.add recolour to skilling outfits for skilling points.

                        2.npc that stores skilling outfits and option to sell skilling pieces for tickets.
                          B. Use said tickets to obtain new or unowned skilling outfits.
                            C. Add a skilling shop where we can use said tickets to purchase lamps of experience.
                              D. Add feature to said skilling shop to buy or exchange experience like void knight rewards but for skilling purchase with tickets or points.
                                E. Add a non combat variation of void knight store for notable skilling supplies. So skillers can obtain or buy skilling supplies in noted form without having to conduct combat.

                                There are plenty more and i will come back and revise this list just trying to probe yall's brain and see what you would like to see. Thanks for visiting us today and spending time making us as a community better.
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                                Re: Drunks offical suggestion guide.*important community involvement.*

                                Post by Gsharp » Fri Jan 10, 2020 11:37 pm

                                Very nice suggestions. I believe everyone should be involved in this voting to truly surround our RSPS´s players needs!

                                f ndn
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                                Re: Drunks offical suggestion guide.*important community involvement.*

                                Post by f ndn » Sat Jan 11, 2020 2:18 pm

                                I agree with all

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                                Re: Drunks offical suggestion guide.*important community involvement.*

                                Post by SharkMaster » Thu Jan 16, 2020 1:20 am

                                I know its RS3 and that's a big no no, and the implications might be hard with a smaller player base. BUT STILL

                                The Conquest Void knight minigame for skillers?


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