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Report someone on the forums or report in-game spammers/advertisers to be dealt with
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Post by Yellow » Sun Aug 04, 2019 8:54 pm

had problems in a few days whit this guy that ignore din't work and told hem more than once he should leave me alone din't work im going to report it. the report is about he keeps begging me about to go out in wilderness and pk hem, and i told hem no don't want to pk you...

Getting salty and acting childish…. :!: :?:
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Bear Grylls
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Re: whytryyoudie

Post by Bear Grylls » Sun Aug 04, 2019 8:58 pm

I agree this guy is super childish and gets salty over the dumbest things and you should fix the ignore function to work in CC aswell

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Re: whytryyoudie

Post by Lawless » Sun Aug 04, 2019 10:06 pm

We'll definitely make sure that players can completely ignore another player (including yell, CC etc.). I also agree that Whytryyoudie has shown very immature behavior for which he no doubt would have long ago been punished in any other online game. However, on the other hand, it should be expected that whoever enters the wilderness is at risk of being attacked by other players - it's part of the game. Equally part of the game is that there is often some banter back and forth, none of which is to be taken personally or as offensive - people tend to see it as part of the game. Acting upset and acting upset about it only invites more drama. I understand that not everyone takes banter the same way (I should know, I tend to be easily offended myself), so personally I don't think either party is to blame in this case. Although I do agree that Whytryyoudie should not have said some of the things he said, for they are morally and ethically wrong.

On Anarchy, we are very lenient towards players - no spamming, no advertising other RSPS and in general no putting the server at risk. Either way, it would be best for everyone if we can avoid needless drama.

I've talked to Whytryyoudie today, he admitted his fault and has told me he'll do his best to avoid further discussion with you. I hope we can now consider this matter closed and that everyone can take their peace with this.

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