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22 August 2019: Mystery box and Raids improvements

All updates will be listed here.
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22 August 2019: Mystery box and Raids improvements

Post by Lawless » Thu Aug 22, 2019 1:37 pm

First off, we have revamped our mystery boxes to grant 10% chance on a rare item, 30% chance on coins and 60% chance on a more common item. Please check our store page (Mystery box tab) for detailed information. The overall value of the mystery box has not changed by much (it has slightly increased), but now a mystery box only has a 30% chance at coins instead of 67%.

In the next few hours, anyone who had donated for our 39.5 euros package or more will receive 1 extra mystery box per 39.5 euros they donated , to compensate for the fact that the mystery box is now worth a little bit more than before.

A few extra items have been added to the mystery box as well:
  • Twisted bow
  • Twisted buckler
  • Ancestral hat
  • Ancestral robe top
  • Ancestral robe bottom
  • Dragon warhammer
  • Magic fang
  • Serpentine visage
  • Tanzanite mutagen
  • Spectral spirit shield
  • Arcane spirit shield
  • Bandos godsword
  • Zamorak godsword
  • Saradomin godsword
The whip has also been removed from the mystery box due to its value being too low. We have also lowered the value of the whip in the donator store to 20 donator points.

Next up, a few improvements to raids:

Dinh's bulwark has been added as a unique raid reward! Please note that it does not yet have a special attack, but it does have its proper stats and requirements to wear.

As of now, players no longer need to be the clan leader to start a raid, anyone in a clan can now start one. When a player leaves or disconnects, the raid simply continues for all other players, a raid instance will only be removed if no more players are present at all. You can now also resume a raid if you log out and back in, provided you are not going solo.

Other updates:
  • A bug has been fixed where revenant items could be charged with ether without the ether being removed from your inventory.
  • Upon dying, you will no longer lose charges on items that you keep (for example scales and darts in a toxic blowpipe).
  • Untradable items lost on death (that are not automatically kept on death) will now appear for the person who lost them, rather than being lost altogether.
  • Several items, such as Zulrah's items, raid items and spirit shields now have a proper alch and protect on death value.
  • Tormented bracelet requirements have been added.
  • A bug has been fixed that made the Great Olm look twitchy.
  • A bug has been fixed where not all character appearances could be used (certain hairstyles, clothing, ...).
  • Anglerfish has been added to the skill interfaces. The fishing instrument in the skill interface for sea turtle and manta ray has been corrected.
  • Pest Control portals will no longer look glitchy when being attacked.

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Re: 22 August 2019: Mystery box and Raids improvements

Post by Lawless » Thu Aug 22, 2019 9:43 pm

Update: I have finished handing out the free mystery boxes (1 box per 40 euros donated), if you had donated 40 euros or more in the past (before today's update) but did not receive your free mystery box, please let us know!

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