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27 March 2021: Easter event, blood item buff & 20% discount, Ironman competition

All updates will be listed here.
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27 March 2021: Easter event, blood item buff & 20% discount, Ironman competition

Post by Lawless » Sat Mar 27, 2021 12:04 pm

Easter event

We have just released our Easter event, which lasts until 24 April and can be started by talking to the Easter bunny in north-west Edgeville. Like every year, there is a small chance to receive an Easter ring from hourly reward boxes (also lasts until 24 April).


During the Easter event, there is also a third wildy pursuit boss that will sometimes appear, the Colossal Chocco chicken. It drops the same items as the other pursuit monsters, but also drops easter eggs, a consumable that heals 14 HP when eaten.


Blood item buff, 20% discount

As the result of a recent poll, we have buffed the blood weapons so they now have a 25% chance to heal 25% of the damage dealt (or 6.25% healing on average). This used to be 20% chance to heal 20% of the damage dealt (or 4% healing on average). We may decide to further buff the weapons in a future update if needed.
Additionally, to celebrate this holiday, we have temporarily reduced the prices of all blood items in the donator store with 20%. This discount will last until 10 April.

We have also added the possibility to attach blood limbs to a Dragon hunter crossbow to create a Blood hunter crossbow, granting a 25% chance to heal 25% of the damage you deal.


Ironman competition

Two of our helpers, Chef and Disappoint, have organised an additional (but unrelated) event that lasts from 3 to 10 April. The idea is to complete as many goals as possible on a fresh Ironman account in 7 days. You can find more information in this forum topic. To participate in the event, contact Chef (TheOriginalChef#7904) or Disappoint (Disappointment#5074) on Discord.

Other improvements
  • The Dragon donator rank has been renamed to Dragonstone donator as per popular request.
  • PvM caskets are now dropped by all monsters. The probability of receiving a PvM casket increases with the monster's combat level. It uses the same calculation as for the brimstone key.
  • Druid's robes have been removed from PvM caskets and added to the Cosmetic Supplies store in Varrock, along with the Druid's robe top.
  • The drops of the wildy pursuit monsters (Glod, Ice Queen and during the Easter event also the Colossal Chocco Chicken) have been slightly buffed.
  • The wildy pursuit locations have been changed and expanded to 10 different locations from level 13 to level 54 wilderness. It should no longer be possible to have both Glod and the Ice Queen spawned at the same location, nor should the the wildy pursuit spawns be too close to any other wilderness monster.
  • Only one wildy pursuit monster will be spawned at a time. After 15 minutes the location will change and a random wildy pursuit monster will be spawned at the new location. As soon as the wildy pursuit monster is killed, a new random wildy pursuit monster will immediately spawn in a different location.
  • When using ::telepursuit, you will now get a confirmation screen instead of directly teleporting to the wildy pursuit monster.
  • The commands list has been cleaned up. All usable commands will now be properly shown when you type ::commands and all commands now have an appropriate description. When a command requires a parameter, using the command without a parameter will display information on how to use the command. If different commands do the same thing, for example ::changepass and ::changepassword, only one of those commands will be displayed in the list to keep the list clear. The other (unlisted) command will still work.
  • The stand, walk and run animations of the blood scythe have been fixed.
  • Players can no longer enter an invalid password of zero characters when using the command ::changepass or ::changepassword.
  • You will now receive a message when you do not use the right attack type or spell when attacking an NPC that can only be attacked with a specific type or spell.

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