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27 August 2019: Theatre of Blood, bugfixes

All updates will be listed here.
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27 August 2019: Theatre of Blood, bugfixes

Post by Lawless » Tue Aug 27, 2019 4:16 pm

A long awaited update on Anarchy has finally been released: The Theatre of Blood!

For now, our Theatre of Blood only has one room: the final boss room. At a later point, we may decide to add the other rooms, but first we'll focus our attention on Vorkath, donator zone improvements, hydras and the Alchemical hydra.
If and when we add the other ToB rooms, the "boss room only" mode will remain a feature but only for higher tier donators.

The Theatre of Blood end boss, Verzik Vitur, works in a similar way as OSRS but with some notable differences.

In the first stage, she will launch magic balls from her throne, which can be avoided by either running 3+ squares away or by hiding behind one of the pillars. Protect from magic helps to reduce the damage. Unlike OSRS, the pillars will not collapse when hit by her attacks.
You don't need any special item to damage her in this stage, so any weapon or spell will do to reduce her health.


After the first stage is over, all pillars will collapse and Verzik Vitur will fly to the middle of the room where she will launch bombs at the locations of the players which can be avoided by walking 1 square away. Protect from missiles helps reduce damage from this attack. She will attack with magic balls, the damage of which can only be reduced through protect from magic. Standing close to her will cause her to use melee attacks that can hit everyone in the room.
She can also summon Nylocas, which will walk toward players and explode, dealing damage based on how close you are standing to her (you are safe when you are 5+ squares away). They will explode after a set amount of time, so it's recommended to run away from them and/or use freeze spells against them.
Once Verzik Vitur reaches 35% health, she can summon Nylocas Matomenos as well. These do not attack, but will die off and heal her for their remaining hitpoints after a set amount of time.


Once the second stage is over, she will land on the floor and use melee, ranged and magic attacks, none of which can be avoided by walking away. Using the appropriate protection prayers at the correct time will help against this form.


After killing the third form, you will have completed the raid and can proceed to the treasure room to loot the treasure! Similar to the Chambers of Xeric, each 3,000 raid points gives 1% chance on a unique item from the chest. Use the teleport crystal to teleport out.

The notable Theatre of Blood rewards are as follows:
  • Ghrazi rapier, a strong stab weapon.
  • Justiciar faceguard, chestguard and legguards, armour with high melee and ranged defence bonuses. Wearing the full set does not currently offer any bonuses.
  • Avernic defender hilt, which can be combined with a dragon defender to create the Avernic defender. This process can be reversed and you will receive both the defender and the hilt back.
  • The Sanguinesti staff, which needs to be charged using blood runes (3 runes for 1 charge up to 20,000 charges). Similar to the trident of the seas, it has a built in spell. The spell hits slightly higher than the trident of the swamp and has a 1 in 6 chance to heal for 50% of the damage dealt. The staff cannot be used in PvP.
  • The scythe of Vitur, which will hit three times when used against big monsters (for up to 100%, 50% and 25% of your max hit). The scythe can be charged with blood runes and vials of blood (obtained from the Theatre of Blood rewards chest) to grant much better bonuses, requiring 1 vial and 300 blood runes for 100 charges. Unlike its OSRS version, it cannot hit multiple targets.
Also some important changes in today's update:
  • Demonic gorillas now have their proper overhead prayers.
  • You can now spend mage arena points at the mage bank.
  • You can now use freeze spells to freeze NPCs in place.
  • Ahrim's staff is now a one-handed weapon.
  • The Dragonfire shield now has 50 lower melee and ranged defence, its defense stats go up as the shield is charged with dragonfire, up to 50.
Other bugfixes:
  • A bug has been fixed where darts had the wrong ranged strength. They would also offer the wrong ranged attack and strength bonus when used in a toxic blowpipe.
  • A bug has been fixed where logging out and back in while inside a Raid might result in being on the wrong height or inside a wall.
  • The necklace of anguish now offers +5 ranged strength bonus.
  • The tormenced bracelet now offers +5% magic attack bonus.
  • A bug has been fixed where the occult necklace would not always offer 10% magic attack bonus.
  • A bug has been fixed where the trident of the seas/swamp would offer a magic attack bonus. which shouldn't be the case.
  • The max hit dummy at the donator zone should now always display your actual max hit, which wasn't always correctly shown before.
  • A bug has been fixed where the NPC droptable would not work when searching on an item name instead of an NPC name.
  • The corporeal beast is now immune to both poison and venom.
  • A bug has been fixed where poison would only be applied once every minute instead of once every 18 seconds.
  • Drinking any strength of antipoison potion will now remove venom and turn it into regular poison. Drinking antipoison a second time will completely remove it.
  • A bug has been fixed where anti-venom potions did not provide poison immunity. Several antipoison and anti-venom potions also had the wrong timers.
  • You can now create anti-venom and anti-venom+ potions by combining antidote++(4) with Zulrah's scales and an anti-venom(4) with torstol respectively. The creation of these potions did in theory work before, but you could only use antidote++(3) and anti-venom(3) as base instead of (4).
  • Any clues or crystal keys dropped by TzTok-Jad are now dropped outside the fight caves.
  • A bug has been fixed where TzTok-Jad may not always spawn correctly.
  • Yell messages are now shown in a green color.
  • A bug has been fixed where having a skillcape in your inventory and also having one equipped while dying would result in your character bugging out and getting stuck at 0 hitpoints.
  • Redwood (in woodcutting and firemaking), dragon dart (in fletching and ranged), dark crabs (in fishing and cooking), missing prayers and anti-venom potions were added to the skill interfaces.
  • A bug with the Grand Exchange interface has been fixed where more items would be shown than you could actually collect, if you had already collected some items before form your offer. This was purely a visual bug.

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Re: 27 August 2019: Theatre of Blood, bugfixes

Post by f ndn » Tue Aug 27, 2019 4:53 pm

great update make the scythe do 100%-50%-50% lol even though osrs is 100%-50%-25%.

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Re: 27 August 2019: Theatre of Blood, bugfixes

Post by loki » Wed Aug 28, 2019 10:18 am

holy flying cows a big update noice :D

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