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1 November 2019: Vorkath

Posted: Fri Nov 01, 2019 5:13 pm
by Lawless
It's taken us far longer to add this boss than we had initially anticipated, largely due to its complex combat mechanics, but it's finally here!

Vorkath is an undead blue dragon, therefore vulnerable to items that give bonuses against undead as well as items such as the dragon hunter crossbow. It also counts toward completion of blue dragon slayer tasks.
It's a highly profitable boss, as it drops two superior dragon bones every kill and has two rolls on its droptable each time you kill it. It also boasts high coin drops as well. Non-donators need to pay a fee of 20K coins each time they want to enter, while donators of any rank can enter for free.
When you die, you need to pay 100K coins to Torfinn to reclaim your items.

Its combat mechanics are the same as in OSRS, meaning it will first perform six regular attacks, then one of its two special attack, then another six regular attacks and lastly another special attack (the one that he didn't perform before).
Its regular attacks can be melee, ranged (spiked ball), magic (blue ball), regular yellow dragonfire, purple dragonfire (turns off your prayers), green dragonfire (venomous) or a large fire bomb that you must dodge if you don't want to get hit for up to 121 damage. Unlike other dragons, you need a stronger protection from antifire through the use of super antifire potions.
Its two special attacks are as follows: one will freeze you with a white dragonfire attack, then a Zombified spawn will walk up to you which you must kill (best with crumble undead), otherwise it will explode when it reaches you, dealing up to 60 damage. Vorkath will take 50% reduced damage as long as the spawn is alive. Its other special attack involves 40 pools of acid that are spread across the floor and must be avoided, otherwise you will take up to 10 poison damage and Vorkath will heal for the same amount. It will also spit 25 fireballs in very quick succession, all of which must be dodged by walking or running around.
After it has used its second special attack, the cycle will start anew.



Along with a lot of other items, including the draconic visage, it drops the following items which all have the same uses as in OSRS: Image

Other improvements in today's update:
  • Hydras now drop Hydra tail, which can be combined with the dragonbone necklace and bonecrusher to create the bonecrusher necklace.
  • You can now use the numerical keys 1 - 5 on your keyboard to choose an option when you have a dialogue with multiple choices.
  • You can now use the spacebar to continue when chatting with an NPC.
  • You can now use the escape key to close your current dialog.