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31 March 2019 - HiScores, bugfixes

All updates will be listed here.
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31 March 2019 - HiScores, bugfixes

Post by Lawless » Sun Mar 31, 2019 10:49 pm

We are glad to announce the release of our HiScores! Along with this release, we have also increased the XP cap to 1,000,000,000 (1 billion). The first person to get 1B in a skill will always be shown at the top, while the first person to get 1B in all skills will be guaranteed the first spot on the overall HiScores - forever! Kills and deaths in PvP are also tracked.

On top of that, we have fixed a couple of bugs today:
  • You can now use the teleport spells in your spellbook to teleport around the world.
  • Ironman can now retrieve items they lose when dying in a GodWars Dungeon boss room.
  • You can no longer lose your dwarf multicannon when logging out.
  • A bug has been fixed where certain daily tasks couldn't be completed (most importantly fishing sharks and smithing iron platebodies).
  • Rune pouches no longer give unlimited runes.
  • Runecrafting pouches now upgrade much faster. Killing any monster with a combat level of 70+ can upgrade your small pouch to a medium pouch; killing any monster with a combat level of 100+ can upgrade your medium pouch to a large pouch.

The max cape price for players who are not a super donator has also been lowered to 200M coins. If anyone has bought the cape at 500M before, please post a refund on the forum in order to get 300M coins refunded.

As of now, we'll be holding a 2-day long Double Vote Points event each month, which starts as soon as RuneLocus resets their toplist. Since the time of their reset is always random, we cannot announce the timing beforehand, but we'll always make sure to start the event at the very moment that their votes reset.

Lastly, hourly reward boxes have been added in the Vote Store for 100 Vote Points.

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Re: 31 March 2019 - HiScores, bugfixes

Post by loki » Sun Mar 31, 2019 10:58 pm

awesome been waiting for this update :[) and 1billion exp ;D yummy

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Re: 31 March 2019 - HiScores, bugfixes

Post by Gruhnaydes » Sun Mar 31, 2019 11:35 pm

Awesome update.
Glad to see the RuneCrafting pouch was changed. It seemed way too long to get the next upgrade.
Thanks for posting the combat level requirements for these as well!
As for the teleport buttons, i'm glad that was fixed. It was a hassle having to teleport home just to teleport elsewhere.

As for the HiScores, how do we go about "registering" ourselves to appear? I tried relogging, and reloading the client and page, but when I search for my name, nothing appears.

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