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The Player Neon

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The Player Neon

Post by Neon » Thu Jan 23, 2020 4:24 pm

Hi guys,

My name is Paul. I am also know as Neon and Iron Neon in game. I just wanted to say hello to everyone.

I have been playing this server for about a month now. I started Anarchy after leaving the server Near Reality due to a complicated situation. Which caused me to hop many servers in hopes of finding one that wasn't too easy but at the same time wasn't like i was just playing Runescape. Lucky for me after a few really bad servers and a few somewhat good ones, that were not getting updated regularly. I found that Gem that is Anarchy.

This server has been one of the best servers I have found to date. To the point where it makes me not miss Near reality the server that held me down for over 10 years. This server gets regular updates has a great staff and the people who play are all pretty chill. It makes me wish i had found this server when it first dropped and could be a veteran player like some of you.

I plan to continue to play this server for a long time and I hope to make an impact on the community and make many friends. So I just want to Thank everyone who is involved with anarchy, the staff, the players and the devs for making this my favorite server to play. I look forward to talking with all of you in the future and If any new players read this I look forward to hopefully helping you enjoy the server the way the people on here have helped me enjoy it.

Thank you all!!!


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