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Allow botting or add unskippable random event?

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Should we allow botting or do we need an unskippable random event?

Allow botting
Readd an unskippable random event
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Allow botting or add unskippable random event?

Post by Lawless » Thu Apr 30, 2020 9:58 am

Since pretty much the start of the server, we had a random event (the cat lady) where the only way to leave the event is to click on the strangely coloured cat. A very simple and straightforward random which prevented a lot of botting, yet many people found it to be a nuisance. There's also been a couple of reports where the cat wouldn't spawn so you'd have to relog before it would appear.

As a result, we changed the random event recently so that you can always teleport out (but then you don't get a reward). However, that has led to an increase in players botting on their account while AFK since a bot can just click the "teleport" button to keep going.

So I'd like to ask the community, what do you prefer: to allow botting on the server or to have an unskippable random event where you cannot teleport out and you have to find and click the cat to get out?

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Re: Allow botting or add unskippable random event?

Post by arsenine » Thu Apr 30, 2020 10:02 am

Add the random. Some players worked hard for their leaderboard positions and shouldn't have that taken by someone who can't be bothered to click.

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Re: Allow botting or add unskippable random event?

Post by SharkMaster » Thu Apr 30, 2020 5:43 pm

My thoughts: Add the hard to escape random, as it lies more with Anarchy’s policy on RWT and Botting:
And Limited use of macros for gains not in excess.

“Excessive ” is a bit of a loose term, and may be more useful to say “stoppable by random event” to stop the excess.

Honestly while Botting skills may be unsavory, I think the limited rules here gives this server a weird cool niche.
I don’t see much difference between cheating by Botting and cheating by RWT

Just thoughts for discussion

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