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raids 1

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raids 1

Post by f ndn » Mon Jan 28, 2019 4:47 pm

please make raids like this it will be better for us this is the website I got all the information from ... s_of_Xeric


Player rewards are based on "participation" points. As the team collects more points, they have an increased chance of obtaining unique items. Individually, these points determine what common rewards are given and the quantity of these rewards. If a player dies in a raid, they will lose 40% of the points that they had before their death. If the player dies with no or extremely few personal points, the team's overall points are reduced instead.
For example, if a player has 25,000 points and received ranarr weed drop and uncut rubies, they would get
coins worth of ranarr weed and uncut ruby, which works out to be 30 ranarr weeds and 88 uncut rubies. This has not been proven, but has been inferred by looking at the value of drops and the points received.
The current maximum amount of points attainable per player is 131,071 points.
As of an update on 23 March 2017, if a member of a raid party leaves early, the points multiplier for that raid will be reduced based on the number of people remaining in the party. However, the difficulty of the bosses will remain the same. In addition, the amount of raids points lost for the team when a player with low points dies has been increased.

--Loot table

If the team does not roll into the unique drop table, players will obtain two random common rewards instead. The third slot is reserved for the dark journal if players do not have it already, and the metamorphic dust for players completing a challenge mode raid.
Unique drop table
Upon the Great Olm's death, if a unique reward item is given, it will be announced in the game chat. The beam of light covering the chest will change from white to purple for the player(s) who obtained a unique reward.
For every 7,125 total points obtained, a 1% chance to obtain a unique loot is given. This chance is capped at 80% (570,000 points) - any further points will be sent to roll for a second unique loot. For example, a team who possesses 1,068,750 points in total has an 80% chance to receive a unique loot, and then a 70% chance to obtain a second unique loot. Up to three unique rewards can be obtained per raid, assuming that there is enough points to roll for them.
If no unique loot is obtained, random resources are chosen, with the player's points determining the quantity of the items they obtain. In groups of all sizes, a weighting system is added when a unique loot is rolled, based on the players' points. For example, a player who has 90,000 points is twice as likely to obtain a unique reward compared to a player with 45,000 points.
Once the game has chosen which player will receive the unique loot, an item is chosen from the table below. The higher the weighting, the more likely a player will receive that item.
Accessing this table is required in order to be eligible for Olmlet.

Weighting (% chance)
GE market price
Dexterous prayer scroll
20 (23.8%)

Arcane prayer scroll

Dragon sword
5 (5.95%)

Dragon harpoon

Dragon thrownaxe x100

Twisted buckler
4 (4.76%)

Dragon hunter crossbow

Dinh's bulwark
3 (3.57%)

Ancestral hat

Ancestral robe top

Ancestral robe bottom

Dragon claws
Elder maul
2 (2.38%)

Kodai insignia

Twisted bow
The chance of obtaining a unique loot can be calculated by performing the following steps:
Calculate the chance of receiving a unique loot (number of points/7,125)
Convert the result by (dividing result by 100)
Calculate the chance of receiving a specific unique loot by dividing the weight of the item by the sum of the total weights (Item weight/84)
Multiply the first result with the second result.
For example, we will calculate the drop rate of a pair of dragon claws if the team has 413,250 total points:
Chance of receiving a unique loot: 413,250/7,125 = 58%, or 0.58
Chance of receiving dragon claws from table: 3/84 (or 1/28)
0.58*1/28 = 0.020714, which equals a 2.0714% chance of receiving dragon claws.

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Re: raids 1

Post by Lawless » Wed Apr 17, 2019 2:37 pm

I'm not entirely sure what this post is meant to accomplish. Although the raids may not be exactly the same as OSRS, we have added most of the functionality as well as the rewards.

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