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Rock Bottom Event

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Rock Bottom Event

Post by Disappoint » Mon Mar 22, 2021 5:25 pm

This event lasts 7 days, from Saturday 3 April 9 AM - Saturday 10 April 9 AM (UTC).

All players start from scratch with a new Iron Man mode account. This event can be won by getting the most points at the end of the week gained from various achievement throughout the week.

All players that participate the event must contact Chef (TheOriginalChef#7904) or Disappoint (Disappointment#5074) on Discord so we can register your account and you will receive your password for the account we made. Saturday, we will release the account names in Discord.
You aren't allowed to transfer donator points to the account that participates in the event. It is however allowed to donate straight to the event account. Points bought onto the account can be transfered to your main/alt after the event is over.

There are multiple winners at the end of the week.
Prize Pool:
1st prize = Blood Bow
2nd prize = Blood piece (by winner's choice)
3rd prize = DHCB with Dragon bolts 1k ruby (e) and 1k diamond (e)
4th prize = Full Justiciar armour
5th prize = 50k Blood money

Each completed achievement will give you points on the leaderboard that you can find at the bottom of this page. We will update this every day.

The achievements are:
  • Gain pets (5 points ea) (duplicate pets or bought from the store don't count).
  • Complete hard achievement (3 points ea)(green quest tab)
  • Complete Elite Diary (5 points ea)(blue quest tab)
  • Gain a full set of barrows armour (3 points per full set)
  • Raids chest (Rewards that give an announcement in the chat and obtained from the raids chest gives you 5 points)
  • 10 votes (each 10 votes as shown on the vote page gives you 1 point)
  • Boss drops (3 points ea) (dupes don't count) (The bosses will be listed under this achievevement.)(Only the announcement drops will be counted.)
    • Kree'arra and her minions (godsword shards do not count)
    • General Graardor and his minions (godsword shards do not count)
    • Commander Zilyana and her minions (godsword shards do not count)
    • K'rill Tsutsaroth and his minions (godsword shards do not count)
    • Zulrah
    • Dagannoth kings
    • Vorkath
    • The Nightmare
    • Barrelchest
    • Demonic gorilla's
    • Revenents (Ancient embles/relics do not count)
    • Kraken
    • Cerberus
    • Thermonuclear smoke devil
    • Abyssal Sire
    • Alchemical Hydra
    • Skotizo
    • TzTok-Jad
    • Tz-Kal Zuk
    • Giant mole
    • Kalphite Queen
    • Corporeal Beast
    • Chaos fanatic
    • Crazy archaeologist
    • Scorpia
    • Kbd
    • Chaos elemental
    • Vet'ion
    • Venenatis
    • Callisto

    When you complete an achievement or receive a drop as listed above, please make a screenshot and send it to Chef or Disappoint on Discord. We will check if you've completed it and reward you with points. Only screenshots sent before the end of the event will count. Screenshot made or send after the timeframe won't be counted toward your total points. Aside from the achievement itslef, your name must always be visible in the screenshot.
    How to make decent screenshots will be explained under this message.

    In case of a tie, where both players have the same amount of points on the leaderboards, both players will have to agree to fight a boss and the first person to receive a rare drop from this boss wins.

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