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Chambers of Xeric (Raids 1) Gsharp Guide

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Chambers of Xeric (Raids 1) Gsharp Guide

Post by Gsharp » Thu Jan 09, 2020 3:07 am

ALLLLRIIIIGHTYYY BOOOYYYZZ.. I was recommended to do a guide and here it goes. This is how i usually do Chambers of Xeric and how i would recommend on doing them also. If you have a more efficient way of doing so let us know in the comments, but as of now this is the best method that has worked for me.. I made a video where you can see each one of the stages, my inventory and gear and all the tricks on how to do COX efficiently:

- Meele gear switch for tekton (Swh or Dwh to lower his defense, heard tent whip works good on him too although i havent tried it myself)
- 1 Overload ( You´ll get inside the chambers, if not just use a ranging potion)
-1 Ranging Potion
-1 Antipoison
- 4 Super Restore Potions
- REMAINING SPACES USE ON BREWS (Tekton might use alot of your brews if you are new, if you use an overload before fighting tekton you can use brews without losing stats, this is the method i recommend. Might die a few times in your first attempts but you get the hang of it pretty quickly).

My gear consists of Elite void, Ranger Void helm, Fury, B ring (i), Pegasian, Ava Assembler (Accumulator should work too) and blowpipe (Twisted Bow once you manage to get one).

- Elite void (Obtained at pest control)
- Blowpipe (Obtained from zulrah)
- Swh or Dwh (Revenants and LizardShaman)

With these your experience at COX will improve a thousand percent...!

If there is anything you´d like me to touch on more feel free to leave a comment or just DM me in game.

Hopefully someone finds this useful, its my first video so go easy on me :D

Keep on grinding boyz.

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