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[Suggestion] Player Base

Post your suggestions here. Please include polls so we know how many people support your suggestion!
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[Suggestion] Player Base

Post by Shanks » Wed Dec 04, 2019 10:45 pm

Hello, i know you guys have been updating as much as possible lately in the server.

However i think for me and everyone else we would appericiate it most if you can atleast Create some events that will increase our Playerbase so we can communicate and trade propperly.

I highly suggest Double events, Double drops, Double donations, Double votes
(This worked really well last time, i saw a great change in activity and new players that weekend)

Double drops would be much appericiated for everyone that is NOT a skiller,
Boss drop rates are extremely low if you consider the great lonelyness on the server and the fact there is barely no Market (Hard to trade).

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Re: [Suggestion] Player Base

Post by f ndn » Thu Dec 05, 2019 12:49 am

I agree with this 150% but doubt it will happen tbh . I been saying this since day one I like the server but the improvements i been asking for the players even ask for too I don’t understand why that don’t do it but to each his own. Just go look how many times I posted about stuff like this because I really like this server and just a few improvements and listening too the players the server can be hot or atlease gain a lot more players and attraction. I literally beg lawless so many times now others people saying the same stuff I say I’m not stupid lol . If they listen to the players and use polls like rs things will be better and more players but I guess he got his own stuff on his mind. Idk 🤷🏾‍♂️. Hydra and the other content we need asap we behind compare to other servers . I like this server that’s why I am still here. I want to see it grow and succeed. Definitely need to buff immortal donator donator benefits tbh. Lawless you should make polls about things too like osrs does to get people opinions on stuff and if 75% of the community agrees make it happen. Still need donator zone and top tier donator zones.

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