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List of suggestions

Post your suggestions here. Please include polls so we know how many people support your suggestion!
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List of suggestions

Post by Engage » Sun Jan 05, 2020 7:41 pm

1. Duo Slayer with exp being shared if anything a slight reduction of points for each person.

2. Ability to remove yourself from bounty hunter targ system if you're not looking to pk basically.

3. ::skull command

4. Dice bags for 500 donor points. (Staff cannot host only MM)

5. Increase the rate of getting Lumberjack/Angler outfit pieces.

6. Every weekend should be x2 PC points.

7. 1/10K chance to get an onyx gem while mining

8. Buff Ardy agiltiy course should be higher than wildy imo.

9. add moderators maybe?

10. PLEEEEEASEEEE Add tortured gorillas. Some of us wanna get a zenyte shard without having to tribrid demonics. Obv the rate would be higher but its soooo much more chill afk. And also a monkey task works as tort gorillas while black demons work as demonic gorilllas. ... ed_gorilla

11. Ingame - > forum commands. ::suggest ::news ::update ::report ::bug etc. to open up the page. Where then u can make a topic.

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Re: List of suggestions

Post by Neon » Wed Jan 08, 2020 4:40 pm

For the angler pieces i kinda disagree honestly i would like to see less of them, In 150m Exp I have received almost 4 completed sets of it on my iron man. I afk fishing to get clues and i come back to no clues after an hour of fishing but have a full set of angler in my inventory.

On the other hand i agree with the woodcutting one. I think i only got one piece on the way to 99 on my main.

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Re: List of suggestions

Post by f ndn » Thu Jan 09, 2020 11:56 pm

I been ask for all that I hope it all is passed since more people is asking. I don’t agree with just double pc points it should be extra drop rate , raid point , double xp stuff like that mix it up make the server more enjoyable and fun by adding those weekly events.

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