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Ironman Privilege

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Toast Malone
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Ironman Privilege

Post by Toast Malone » Thu Feb 06, 2020 6:25 pm

Hello all!

I'am sure i will get A LOT of push back for this but I've been playing this game for over a year as a top rank Ironman and have experienced a lot of inequality due to my status.

To start, obviously we do not have access to trading or the G.E. these are important money makers for any player.

Ironmen also have the same drop rate as a regular player, with no ability to acquire best in slot gear besides to grind for it with no additional drop rate (besides ring of wealth, which is a waste of an inv spot).

Raids is something I have started to grind, for a T bow. And let me tell you, doing 2 raids for 20k points and getting 200k gp and some bull crap supplies (which I do not need because I am max) is just simply a middle finger to anyone who has late game PVM goals in the ironman mode.

I believe ironmen should have an increased drop rate over regular players because of the difficult nature of the mode, not saying it should be as high as Extreme mode but we should have an advantage over regular players. Also, we should also have increased amount of raids points because we have to gather our own supplies and going through about 10 sara brews and 3 super restores adds up.

I have about 30 days logged on this server and I am a little tired of the BS us ironmen have to deal with just to be considered a valid game mode.

Lastly, ironman mode is much more difficult then Extreme simply because we do not have the ability to Trade, Buy and sell items at the G.E. and that is why i believe we should have a curtain privilege over other game modes.

Thank you for your time!

P.S. If you play an Extreme account you can not say anything. Also 1x exp rate is not that hard compared to PVM grinding.

f ndn
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Re: Ironman Privilege

Post by f ndn » Fri Feb 07, 2020 4:44 am

Iron man should get donator benefits ,the droprate part and raids points for sure and naw iron man suppose to have regular droprate. Now hardcore osrs Ironman should have added drop rate probably like 10-15% more then osrs mode. Hardcore iron man is the only Ironman that should get a base droprate . But I do think donator droprates, raids 2 and 1 points and extra pc points benefits should be given to iron man that has donated .

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