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Corona's Helper Application

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Corona's Helper Application

Post by Corona » Wed Mar 25, 2020 12:57 am

In-Game Name:

Location / Timezone:
Sweden GMT+1

Why do you deserve it:
Deserve what? I'm not really here because i want to deserve to have some ingame rights, i just want to be of assistance to the common players. Day in day out the help chat is filled with unnecessary gibberish and nobody looks to reply at the questions posed by the newcomers.
I'm extremely professional when given with a task, therefore from me you can expect no nepotism and equal treatment towards everybody.

What are your goals as a staff member:
* Help re-shape help chat that it fits the genre and focus more on the "help" aspect of it all
* Be available to the community atleast 6 hours a day
* Create Youtube/Forum Guides that are noob-friendly
* Encourage voting atleast 2 times per session
* Collect feedback from the community on a daily basis as to what is impacting their gaming positively or negatively and share those thoughts to the product developer
* Interact with the community in a positive atmosphere
* Dedicate atleast 1 hour a day to actively help or sort any kind of issues players may experience during their sessions

What are the qualities do you have?:
* I am extremely organized and settled as you can probably tell during my application
* I blend in extremely well, with that i mean that i am not the kind of person to be in the center of attention, i feel like staff members on most Rsps's are so attention hungry that it creates a negative atmosphere where players feel that they are always inferior, staff members are not supposed to be virtual police officers meddling into your affairs constantly on some kind of CIA mission, lets be real most of us just want to grind the game in peace.
* I treat everybody equally, that means if you're bullying some new player because he's unaware of where to find rock crabs, know i will not stand by that sort of behaviour.
* I work for Securitas, so in my everyday job i tend to deal with all sorts of random people with many flaws, i have though through experience learned how to diffuse situations in a proper manner without ever having to use violence
* I always relate to the playerbase, if 99% of the players are not happy with a decision i've made then i would not fear to go back on that decision, the weak is the one who because of his ego doesn't admit mistakes.
* I'm down to earth, in the end it's a game after all, if somebody is in someway ruining the fun for the rest of us we will deal with that, but i'm all about the gaming aspect and having fun through the journey, don't expect me to sit and refer to the rulebook in every situation, after all we're just humans with enormous flaws, but we still have to get along.

How do you feel about respect, loyalty & rule enforcement:

So the word respect doesn’t actually pack a lot of punch. It really just means looking at another person’s beliefs. You don’t have to like those beliefs. You may even think they’re stupid. But you can still respect someone’s beliefs merely by acknowledging that such beliefs exist. That a pretty low bar, wouldn’t you say?
What about the flip side?
Interestingly, the word disrespect isn’t merely the opposite of respect. Disrespect packs more punch.
To disrespect someone’s beliefs could mean ignoring those beliefs entirely, but more commonly, it means showing a lack of courtesy — i.e. being impolite. Being impolite means not showing good manners. And manners are social expectations.
So basically, if you violate other people’s expectations of how they believe you should behave towards them, that’s considered being disrespectful.


For me Loyalty is the commitment to an obligation.
1. Making something or someone a priority and doing so in small and discrete but meaningful ways.
2. Staying true to someone or something even when other things call attention.
3. A way of showing support for a person or thing.
Keep showing loyalty when friends threaten to be lost; that is the time when they need it most.

Rule enforcement

As long as we understand that rules become the social norms of a community, what is allowed and what isn't. If we are to truly enjoy this server together, we must have some sort of boundaries on what is accepted and what is not, therefore i will look to punish accordingly when provided with concrete evidence.
If i am ordered from up & above the hierarchy i would obviously comlpy to enforce a rule because that is also a part of being loyal.

How long have you played Anarchy?:
For about a month now, although i would say my experience is a bit more intense than the common player
because i play on several accounts at once to maximize efficiency i probably have alot more ingame time than most players that have been around for the same time period as me.

Extra Information:
Many players just know me as the bloody virus that camps catacombs, but my real name is David
I've most recently been a staff member at Spawnpk.
I'm 24 and married with a little girl on the way.
Family is everything to me.
Feel free to pm me ingame if you wanna have a chat!
Thank you for taking the time to read my application.

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