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Some tips 'n tricks for ironmen!

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Some tips 'n tricks for ironmen!

Post by Helix » Thu Mar 26, 2020 8:57 am

Dear n00b, if you’re an ironman who’s new to Anarchy and you’re planning on getting that sweet max cape, look no further! I’ve recently maxed my ironman Helix and this guide contains some things I wish I’d known before maxing. For all the veterans out there who know way more about this server than I do, please correct me if I made any mistakes!

General points
  • The other ironman guide already says a lot about getting gear/PvMing, this guide focuses on maxing out all skills in an efficient manner.
  • I haven’t included all diary/achievement requirements in this, so following these suggestions doesn’t guarantee the most efficient path to max.
  • For dragon dart (tips): Dark Beasts and dragon implings.
  • Drop trading to a non-ironman account works!
  • Use the XP bonus you get after voting wisely. Plan ahead as it doesn’t last too long (for the 5pt website it’s a 20% boost for 60sec).
  • If you plan on getting the Western achievement diary done, do the elite task where you have to get a task from Nieve wearing full void melee, before upgrading to elite void.
  • Buy emblems tier 2 in the vote shop, sell them to the Emblem Trader and get yourself the Book of Law and other useful stuff from the BH store.
  • Ironmen can sell stuff to the general store, so either alch your junk or sell it there for some extra change.
  • For the random event with the cat: you don’t need to be in the same room to click on the cat.
  • In my opinion, agility and hunter were the slowest skills, followed by smithing and crafting. The rest is pretty fast!
  • Make bones to peaches tabs at the lectern in the abyss. Bring a shit ton of nature, earth and water runes. You’ll need at least 60k nature runes, 120k earth runes and 120k water runes.
  • If you’re a donator, I recommend training hunter first and then catching dragon imps for bones while training fishing at donator zone (check out fishing for more info).
  • Otherwise, I recommend completing the Dragon Hunter II Achievement by killing 350 green dragons in the wilderness. You could also opt for mithril dragons as these drop noted mithril bars which will be useful for smithing later on, although you will probably get plenty of supplies for smithing from Zulrah.
  • For the rest of the bones, either kill Zulrah (it frequently drops 30 noted dragon bones), or do Dragon Hunter III Achievement…
  • You can find copper and tin ore on the ridge right next to Skiller’s Cove.
  • You could choose to mine iron ore at the mining guild (there’s a spot with 3 ores right beside the bank), or mine gems at Land’s End to use for crafting later on. This depends on whether you’ve got the money to do glassblowing for crafting.
  • For chill AFK training, try amethyst at the mining guild (walk south, go through the door, walk west).

  • Cut the gems you mined for, do glassblowing or make jewelry. Glassblowing is not very fast and pretty expensive (4k gp per molten glass).
    If you decide to use glassblowing make sure you get 99 thieving first so you’ll have enough gp!
  • Jewelry can only be made in pottery ovens, which can be found at the crafting guild and at Land’s End.
  • For gold ore, you could consider Venenatis.
  • Do Varrock easy and medium diaries for access to the rune shop.
  • Do whatever until you have 86 magic for the first multi-combat ancient spell. Make sure you have 65 slayer and get your ass to dust devils (south east in Kourend catacombs). Get 99 magic in 5 mins.
  • Make bars out of the ores you mined. Note: making steel up to and including rune bars requires only 1 coal ore per bar.
  • Make all bars into dart tips for fletching xp and also to use with the blowpipe you will surely get if you pray to RNGsus.
  • If you plan on doing the achievement diaries, save 200 rune bars to make knifes out of for the Varrock diary (do this in Varrock!)
  • Get magic secateurs in the vote shop for increased yield!
  • All of the herb patches are where the tree patch normally is in Falador, you can find them by using the Farming Patches teleport.
  • Thieve the master farmer for seeds, or kill ankous in Catacombs (run all the way south, then west)
  • Have in your inventory: a rake, a seed dibber, a watering can (you don’t need to refill it), 2 empty buckets and the seed of your choosing. Harvesting and replanting every patch separately while going around in circles gives the best xp.
  • Get cooking gloves in the vote shop!
  • Donators have access to dragon implings in the donator zone. These give you a lot of dragon darts and dragon bones. Sometimes there’s a lucky impling in the donator zone, too.
  • Start out by hunting birds until level 55. Continue by catching regular chinchompas until 63, these can be found north west of hunting teleport. From 63-99 catch red chins, these can also be found in the area north west of hunting teleport. If you’re a risk taker, go and catch black chins from 73-99.
  • Get the herbs from farming, find the secondaries in the general store at home.
  • Talk to Bob in the general store to have him make your unfinished potions (this costs gp), or make them yourself.
  • Ankous drop a lot of noted herbs (also seeds, see farming)
  • The path you should take depends on whether you like graceful, plan on doing the achievement diaries/achievements in the future, or neither.
  • Neither: gnome course until 30, Varrock rooftop until 52, then Wilderness course until 99.
  • Graceful: do gnome until 30, Varrock until 60, Seer’s Village rooftop until 90, Ardougne rooftop until you hit full graceful (if you hit it earlier, go to the Wilderness course).
  • Achievement diaries/Achievements: do 25 rounds of the gnome course, 25 rounds of Varrock rooftop course (Varrock diary), 50 rounds of Seer’s village rooftop course (Kandarin diary), 45 rounds of the Barbarian course (Kandarin diary, get there by talking to Grace at home), 125 rounds of the Ardougne rooftop course (The reasoning behind this is to get graceful to maximize xp rate while not wasting time on post-99 xp).
  • All you need for fishing is at Skiller’s Cove (including tools), just fish whatever until 76 fishing.
  • You can now go 2 paths: fish sharks until 99 or fish dark crabs/anglerfish from 85 onwards. Dark crabs/anglerfish can only be found in 2 spots: donator zone and resource area (in 50+ wild).
  • There's a spot in falador by the farming patches where you can catch stackable karambwanji's, meaning you can AFK until the cat random hits!
  • If you’re a donator, it might be smart to do the following: get at least 83 hunter for dragon implings and buy a bunch of impling jars (a couple hundred). Put on your butterfly net and head over to the donator zone. Put 5 jars in your inventory and catch the dragon implings whenever they appear (they respawn every ~5 min.). If you do this all the way to 99 fishing, you’ll also have a ton of bones, ammo and fletching xp banked!
  • The loot from the 142 dragon implings I caught:
    • 576 dragon bones
    • 1955 baby dragon bones
    • 2362 dragon arrowtips
    • 1450 dragon arrows
    • 2855 dragon darts
    • 28 amulets of glory
    • 4 dragon longswords
    • 191 dragonstone bolts
    • 25 diamond amulets
    • 6 death tiaras
    • 13 magic seeds
  • Whether or not Ring of Wealth (i) increases your chances of getting clue bottles when fishing is still the topic of heated debate…
Clue scrolls
  • Easy: I've found three options here, starting with the best and most consistent: catching lucky implings while doing another skilling activity in the donator zone. Second best would be to fish karambwanjis by the farming patches and hope for clue bottles. Last and also kind off least is to push through a bunch of easy slayer tasks when you're farming slayer points. I will get into this later.
  • Medium: use blood barrage (costs more gp) or ice barrage with protect from melee (costs more prayer pots, bring ~7 every trip) at dust devils in the catacombs. These can be found by walking east then south. Besides medium clues, these drop dragon chains you can alch, crystal keys and dark totem pieces. These dark totem pieces are crucial for farming hard clues.
  • Hard: use your dark totems to kill Skotizo (pray mage, bring at least an msb(i)). If you've gotten a darklight so far, use it on the altar at the entrance of the catacombs with at least 3 ancient shards in your inventory to create an arclight. Use the arclight to one hit the altars when they awaken. Skotizo drops a guaranteed hard clue scroll, ancient shards and about ~250k coins (very useful source of gp, too!)
  • Master: save up your easy, medium and hard clue scrolls and head up to Evil Dave's house next to Edgeville bank, where you'll find a Clue Scroll Handler. Carefully use your clues on him to get a master clue. You can't stack the master clues, but you can stack the caskets.
  • Dragon weapons and starter gear: these can be bought in the melee store, as with many other items/welfare gear. Check out carefully what you can and cannot buy so you're not grinding uselessly.
  • Elite Void and Fighter's Torso: get it early as it will stay best in slot for ranged except for slayer tasks.
  • Fire cape: do a quick 10 wave fire cape run, consider continuing for the fury in one go.
  • Barrows gloves: the usual Culinaromancer minigame can be found in Evil Dave's house next to Edgeville bank.
  • Abyssal whip: blood/ice barrage abyssal demons in catacombs for quickest kills or save up 1000 voting points for it.
  • Dragon defender: vote for it, or go to warrior's guild but be prepared to stay there for a while (you'll need a couple thousand tokens) as the drop rate is rather low.
  • Fury: repeat the 10 wave fight cave while handing in spare fire capes until you have 200k tokkul. Do this rather than the 20 or 63 waves because getting 3 and 10 fire capes will complete achievements which will in turn give you more fire capes, giving you more tokkul in the end.
  • Barrows: consider only killing the brothers you need something from for quicker runs. You could bring vengeance to speed up kills. Personally I only kill Ahrim, Dharok and Guthan.

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