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Iron Wurmples Helper application

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Iron Wurmple
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Iron Wurmples Helper application

Post by Iron Wurmple » Fri May 08, 2020 2:13 am

Hey, everyone! My name is Iron Wurmple, however, my real name is Kyle. I recently saw a post regarding the admin team looking for new helpers, so i figured I'd throw my name in the hat!

For starters, I have been in and out of the runescape game for 16 years, as well as being in the private servers just as long (Starting back in the Silab days). With that being said, I think i would make a great addition to the team of helpers! As far as qualifications go, I have been an admin/mod on private servers before, I know how to delegate in a respectful manner, not to mention I get along great with everyone in-game, no matter the circumstances. As far as other experience goes, I am currently a moderator on a facebook page that consists of 120,000 members. I have never played a server that I found was as fun as this one. From all of the servers I've bounced through, just the community itself is more than enough for me to love to be a valuable asset to my fellow players.

Thank you for reading my application, and if I get considered to be a helper, I will not let you down. :)
"we need to mature past the big play mentality and look more closely at how/where/why the plays are unique/impressive/rare, what truly sets a player apart." - Unknown

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