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6 July 2020: Staff of light, anti-bot random event

All updates will be listed here.
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6 July 2020: Staff of light, anti-bot random event

Post by Lawless » Mon Jul 06, 2020 2:17 pm

  • The staff of light has been added, along with Saradomin's light to create it (dropped by Commander Zilyana).
  • The combat interface of staffs with a special attack (such as the Toxic staff of the Dead) has been fixed.
  • The guide price of the Saradomin's tear and Saradomin's blessed sword have been increased to represent their actual value.
  • Knights of Saradomin and Saradominist Spiritual warriors now count as Saradomin followers in the God Wars Dungeon, so they will now count towards the Saradomin killcount and will no longer be aggressive when you wear the right god equipment.
  • You can now dismantle an uncharged serpentine helm in return for 20,000 Zulrah's scales.
  • In order to stop the increased amount of botting recently, you can no longer freely teleport out of the cat lady random event. As of now, you have to click the cat again to get out. However, we added a safeguard so you can teleport away if there is no cat in the room due to a bug (this bug was reported to us in the past).
  • The maximum hit on the max hit dummy with a god spell when using charge has been fixed. The max hit with charge always worked correctly on other players and NPC's, just not on the max hit dummy.
  • You can now autocast magic dart with a staff of the dead, toxic staff of the dead and staff of light.

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