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25 July 2020: Arclight, prices changes, bugfixes

All updates will be listed here.
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25 July 2020: Arclight, prices changes, bugfixes

Post by Lawless » Sat Jul 25, 2020 3:02 pm

  • Arclight and Darklight now have their appropriate special attack, which lowers the strength, attack and defence levels of your opponent by 5% (10% against demons).
  • Darklight now has 50% bonus accuracy and damage against demons.
  • Arclight will now revert to Darklight when all its charges are consumed. In the past, Arclight would simply be unequipped when all charged were consumed, but then players would equip it again and attack demons without any charges, leading to very low hits. This update should clear up this issue.
  • When uncharging Arclight, you will now receive all ancient shards back.
  • When hitting Skotizo's awakened altars with Arclight, you will now see the appropriate hitsplat.
  • A bug has been fixed where items from your looting bag might disappear (without them being added to your bank) when you use the "bank all" option on your looting bag if you were searching for items in your bank at the same time.
  • Spiders have been added as slayer tasks for both Turael as Krystilia.
  • The guide price of the following items have been increased to represent their actual value:
    • Elysian, Arcane and Spectral spirit shield
    • Elysian, Arcane and Spectral sigil
    • Spirit shield
    • Blessed spirit shield
    • Holy elixir
    • Nightmare staff
    • Volatile, Harmonised and Eldritch nightmare staff
    • Volatile, Harmonised and Eldritch orb
  • Dark crab drops are now noted.
  • The announcements for reaching level 99 in a skill and for maxing out in all skills, now also show the visible rank of the player.
  • Ironman mode players can now purchase items from the Cosmetic Supplies (Thessalia). This also means they can now complete the Varrock medium diary entry for Thessalia's clothes shop.
  • Spiked manacles have been added as a very rare medium clue casket reward.
  • Players are now able to combine a Highwayman mask and a black cavalier into a cavalier mask. You can also revert this and retrieve both items back.
  • Players are now able to revert the partyhat & specs into a blue partyhat and spectacles.
  • The rates at which you receive items from clue caskets have been changed. The reward lists are also now more like in OSRS.

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